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World Day of Equestrian Archery

Be part of the first World Day of Equestrian Archery, the Queen of martial arts. Starts at August 7, 2021. Make history!

Latest: We are not to follow our ancestors, we are to follow what they were following.Kassai Lajos – creator of the modern version of equestrian archery

World Day of Equestrian Archery, 2021





Central event

Kassai-valley, Kaposmérő, Hungary

Hungary, Kassai-valley

About of Equestrian Archery World Day

The World Day of Equestrian Archery offers a great possibility for equestrian archers to introduce themselves and for networking, as well as it initiates a positive dialogue among the interested. Furthermore, it also provides an opportunity for us to show the world how widespread this activity is.

Equestrian archers of the World in 2021

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