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Equestrian Archery
World Day

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7 August 2021

Rain of Arrows in The Kassai-valley

Unique event in the World on the occasion of World Equestrian Archery Day

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We are not to follow our ancestors, we are to follow what they were following.Lajos Kassai – creator of the modern version of equestrian archery

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Thierry Descamps

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From the point of view the challenge, it does not matter whether on slow or fast horse, what and how many pieces of arrows, hand, belt or quiver, what kind of pull, what shape and size we are riding and shooting. These are just difficult methods. We are curious about every and expect the participation of every equestrian archer!

World days are special days when, if only for a short time, attention is focused on things that are important to humanity.
Equestrian archery is present in much of the world and spreading. No survey has ever been conducted to estimate its prevalance. This may be the first such time.


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Everyone is welcome to participate in the World Day of Equestrian Archery who:

Until 1/8/2021 uploads a maximum 1-minute video and a photo where they practice equestrian archery.

Allow the event organisers to use their videos or photos in their web and other visual appearances.

Uploaded materials will be published on the Event’s website, its Facebook site and Youtube channel, and at the central event on site projected. Participants will as well be introduced by their number, broken down by country, which information shall be available on all our sites. Please study our websites at,